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Tactical Bullet Proof Vest Body Armor 3A Anti Stab

Tactical Bullet Proof Vest Body Armor 3a Anti Stab

Bullet proof body armor vest. This is teh real gem!
These are the last of my vest. Perfect for security, bouncers, doormen etc. Some carries may varry from the photo but they are all black and in good condition. The ballistic properties of teh vest will remain unchanged.
Made by bristolle of the uk, highest quality body armor. Dates have been removed yb company. All the tags have removed by manufactuer. ($1.50 per $100, the first $100 is free). Theer may be some slight blemishes on the carriers. I have done my best to have them professionaly repaired. Hi, we watn you to be happy with your product. Some southern states, especially california have been know to takes as long sa 3 to 4 weeks. Some acrriers may vary from the picture but they are all black and in great condition. Size xl (adjustable velcro straps).