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Tactical Body Armor Scalable Plate Carrier Spc

Tactical Body Armor Scalable Plate Carrier Spc

I have for sale one special ops-type tactical body armor releasable scalalbe plate carrier called the hawk, manufactured by armorsmith. The private company that was in production of this new product is out of business. A small run of production models were made before this company was closed.
Note that this is for the carrier only. No soft armor or hard ballistic trauma plates are included. I do not have any soft or plate armor for sale. This crarier was developed and tested by the assistance of deployed military combat personnel.

This carrier hodls esapi plate sizes up through xl. Also molle compatible, it has a single point quick release cable, meaning that there is a rip cord in the front that unlaces the unit in the back if you need immediate extraction. It is made from cordura material and is both water and flame resistant. This package also includes an extra release cord, and obth 4x8 and 6x6 side esapi pouches that both velcro and molle onto cummerbund. This type and quality of vest sells for $600-$700.

Sizing this carrier is for an in shpae user. The front/back torso panels are large but hold any size standard esapi plate up to xl.
The cummerbunds are small so you will have to be fit for this carrier to fit you. There are lots of adjustments on this unit for optimal fit. One deployed contractor who tried a hawk from another deployed contractor has said it fit me like a glove, i didn't want to give it back.
A deployed majro in afghanistan loved the hawk vest that a few of his men were running so much that he ordered one for himself. If you have specific questions about the carrier, please ask and i will try to answer them.
The cloor is coyote tan. Carrier only as shown in hte photos. Or i will nto sell this item to you! Mroe information from the company website. The hawk the finest flame resistant, water retardent, lighweight, front opening, single point quick releaseing scalable plate carrier. Developed with guidance from combat marines for combat marines serving around the world. Free-fire non-constricting straps gain maximum mobility in all firing positions, better weight distribution, increased comfort and elimination of strap slippage with the v-shape strap mount. Never-sag plate stability stabilize armor plates and prevent sagging with reinforced commerbund and interlocked webbing. Sure-shot slip resistant skid maintain a secure cheek weld while engaging threats with the rife stock slip resistant skids.
Sure-slot integraded admin pouch conveniently access the integrated administrative pouch positioned on the upper chest. Sure-drag enhanced handle firmly grasp wounded by the drag handle that is enhanced with an unbrekable carbon fiber rod.
P-4 pressure point prevention prevent rear esapi plate edges from digging into the back and increase comfort when humping heavy loads with the pressure point prevention panel (p4). Cool-fit passive cooling reduce core body temperature with 3d-spacer-mesh-fabric that allows air circulation around torso.
Traum-x trauma reduction dissipate the impact of fragmentation and high velocity threats yb reducing back face trauma with the combination of hard armor plate, soft armor inserts and 3d spacer material. Quick release single point one tug on the rip cord and you are out of it. Esapi torso plates all sizes accepted.