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Pair Bulletproof Ballistic Famostone Plates Body Armour

Pair Bulletproof Ballistic Famostone Plates Body Armour

Click on the picture to enlarge. Bullet proof body armor vest. A pair of ultra light plates. And is lightre than any.

Other material available ni the world. The high strength polyethylene ifber used has been be 10 times stronger than steel thus making it the. Strongest and lightest fiber ni the world. This will stop as many. Rounds as can fit on the plate and at 1.4kg each this is.

The undoubtedly the lightest plaet around that offers. Such a high lveel of protection. Will fit any bulletproof vest that has front and/ or. Made in israel by a certified contractors of the idf.
Protection level iii as well as all the levels below. 44 magnum lead swc gas checked. Our unique fragmentation and bulletproof vests have. Been combat proven under the harshest conditions and.
Provide utmost protection while allownig easy. 40 years fo experience working together with raeli defense forces (idf) have made us a leading. Our r&d department specializes in developing and. Engineering body armor fragmentation and bullet. Resistant vests, ot suit every mission signment.

If you wish, you may. You might be additional duty charge upon receipt of your package based on. We urge our customers to check these costs. Must be receivde within 5 days of item close date. You might be charged an additional.

Duty charge upon receipt of package based on your country's rates.