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Pai Body Armor Iiia 3A Police Bullet Proof Vest Medium

Pai Body Armor Iiia 3a Police Bullet Proof Vest Medium

Body armor level iiia poliec bullet proof vest. This vest uses extended level iiia. (protective ternational) who is a subsidiary of the protective group. Panels, navy blue carrier, velcro straps. May show some minor signs of wear, but will not. Have any holes or rips.
Serst have no bullet holes or knife marks (like new condition). Following intnesive reading is for your benefit and my protection. Please take some time to read nad understand everything stated. Ballistic standards 0101.04 for ballistic protection.
Generated by the department of justice, a. Public domain and may be reproduced, published or toherwise used without the. Note each successino level protects against what is previous levels. Level iiia vests offer some stab resistance, but are not.

Deisgned to be stab proof. Under most circumtsances level iiia vests will suit. Although it si commonly used, bullet proof is not the. Correct term to use when referring to these vests.

If you are looking for level iii (rifles) or. Level iv (armor piercing rifle) please seek the appropriate gear. The lightest, coolest, most comfortable and most affordable vest available.
This unisex vest provides front and rear. Its ventiltaed design allows for breath ability and increased. Air circulation to maxmiize comfort. The self adjustable custom ift system. Promises nusurpassed comfort and conceal ability.

Thsi vest is patterned from. Our classic full coverage best to enhance the vest's comfort and convenience.

The vest is not like older body armor, stiff and uncomfortable, it is super. Light weight and allows the wearer to move freely and stay cool on hot days. Clean the vest inserts, just use a damp cloth and a little soap. Complies with the new nij 2005 interim requirements for. The following armor models have been found by nij to comply.

With the nij 2005 interim requirements. Iiia requires that tested armor samples protect against. Bullets and 9mm fmj 124 gr.
Bullets, both to a velocity of 1430 ft/s. Models taht comply with the.

2005 interim requirements for bullet-resistant body armor. Body armor / bullet proof vest sizing. Measure completely around the chest at nipple height.

Make sure to keep the tape at an equal height around the. Measure completely around waist juts above belt. Stand onrmally and do not suck in your stomach or hold your. Measure from the second button on your sihrt to. Above your belt in sitting position.

Do not sit slouched or. You will need a one to three inch gap on each side, for free movement of.
Vests hsould fit at or one to three inched above the navel. This esnure that the vest will fit comfortably when you sit down and insure that. Yuo are able to tuck your shirt into your pants. Express responsibility of the purchaser of any product offered herein that is. Manufactured to the united states military specification to possess, understand. And adhere to any and all such military specifications, guides, technical. Orders, drawings, opeartions manuals, installation and use instructions, warnings, training and experience requirements and/or related formation required for the proper use and/or application of these products, and future, to ensure that these products are used only by properly trained and. For the proper use of the equipment and/or components offered for sale and. Contained hereni should be obtained from the united states government and/or. The proper private industry association responsible for the oversight of. Manufacture, distribution, usage, application, specification, and regulation of. The indiivdual item in question. Read, comprehend and follow all compatibility, usage, installation and. Operating instructions, specifications, guides, technical orders, drawings, manuals, warnings, traiinng and experience requirements and/or related. Technical information governing the proper compatibility, usage, installation, and operation of any item offered for sale herein may rseult in serious and. Permanent bodily injury or death. Examine lal gear and equipment including all fittings, buckles, snaps and/or. Other fasteners, and other components. For adherence to all recommended safe-usage characteristics before each. Use of any parachute product, restraint product, or any other life support product. Contain herein may result in serious and permanent bodily injury or death. Examnie and immediately re-lace-before each use any defective, worn or. Deteriorated component of any part, assembly, subassembly, or sub-component of. Any produtc containing herein may result in serious and permanent bodily injury. Observe the recommended force load, breaking strength, speeds or other. Factors regarding the safe use of any product contained herein may result in. Serious and permanent bodily inujry or death. Of any characteristics whatsoever of any item offered for sale herein may.

Negate the proper compatibility, usage, installation and operating. Characteristics for the item in question and may result in serious and. Ballistic material is warranted by the manufacture for any. Bound by the terms and conditions listed below.

oYu and marvin78772 agree that. The following terms and conditions are the exclusive terms governing the sales.
Any attempt to alter, supplement, modify or amend these terms and conditions by the customer will be. Considered a material alteration of this agreement and, therefore, are null and. In addition, these terms and conditions are subject to change at any. Time, without prior written notice.
Therefore, please check these terms and. Strives for accuracy in all item descriptions, photographs, compatibility. References, detailed specifications, pricing, links and nay other. Due to human error and other determinates, marvin78772 cannot guarantee that.

All item descriptions, photographs, compatibility references, detailed. Specifications, pricing, links and any other product-related information entirely accurate, complete or current, nor can marvin78772 assume responsibility. With an incorrect price due to some typographical, informational, technical or.

Other error, marvin78772 shall at its sole discretion have the right to refuse. And/or cancel any order for said product and immediately amend, correct and/or. Additionally, all hyperlinks to other.

Websites from marvin78772 are provided as resources to customers looking for. Additional information and/or professional opinion. Responsibility for the claims and/or representations made on any other. This is an all sales final. Marvin78772 is not an authorized dealer for tools and electronics, therefore, warranties that may be included, may not be honored by the.
A part manual, cable, etc. Assume any accessory is included. If theer is a problem found, it will be. All as-is sales are final. Items damaged in transit are not returnable. You will need to file a. When item is returned serial numbers (if available) matched, and item is.

Retested to be in working order. If item is found to be working as listed, item. Will not be given for problems that aer listed in the items description.

Customer agrees to use only reputable carriers capable of providing proof of. If any component of the returned. Product si missing, marvin78772's return procedure will be breached and. Marvin78772 may in the sole nad absolute discretion reject the entire return or. Choose to impose additional charges againts the customer for replacement of the. Does not offer any sort of technical assistance. Advice on compatibility fo items, make product recommendations provide. Marvin78772 lists all fo the information. Marvin78772 reserves the right to choose the.

Service that will be cost effective and that will expedite the item efficiently. Over $50.00 usd with a tracking option. Marvin78772 will not be held.

Responsible for lost ro damaged items while in transit. Any claims of lost or.
Damaged items must be filde with the carrier. Items are also available for. Please call ahead for an. eWeks + 24-48 hours to process the order. Marvin78772 does not process orders during weekends.

No deliveries will be maed on sunday. There are no exceptions to be made in this matter. Failure to pay will deem the.

Marvin78772 shall not, under any circumstances, be liable. Upon a claim or action in contract, tort, indemnity or contribution, or other. Claims relating to the products it sells which exceeds this liability limit. Marvin78772 shall not be liable for third party claims for damages against the. Customer, or for malfunction, delays, interruption of service, loss of. Business, loss or damage to exemplary damages, whether or not marvin78772 has. Been made aware of the possibility of such claims or damages.