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New Bulletproof Inserts 10X12 Level Iiia Sapi Backer

New Bulletproof Inserts 10x12 Level Iiia Sapi Backer

These 10x12 soft insetrs are perfect for your plate carrier if you use in conjunction plates. They are also great for added protection in any vest or plate carrier with 10x12 pockets. Multi hit and milstd 622f fragmentation rated inserts also provides up to 40% blunt trauma reduction. Besides being light, these inserts are soft and comfortable adn about 1/4 thick.

They are made of kevlar xlt and evoflex for really good stopping power for fragments (from sapi plate hits or ied's) and point blank shtos such as. We also have all other sizse available, we can list whatever you need.

Public safety supply is a rhino armor factory distributor so we sell to the public at true dealer wholesale prices. Independant lab level iiia tested. Retail no these inserts is $209.95 each. Cheaper by the pair, so. All items guaranteed as described.