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Medium Tactical Point Blank Bullet Resistant Armor

Medium Tactical Point Blank Bullet Resistant Armor

Medium tactical point blank bullet resistant armor. Holds front and back hard armor plates up ot 10 x 13 inches.

The following item for sale is one. Includes front and bakc soft ballistic inserts. The vest carrier is made of 1000 denier nylon and has horizontal. Webbign along the back and front of the vest.

The integrated 32pc10 plate carrier that holds up to. 10 x 13 balilstic hard plates. Point blank provides proven quality and a unique style that allows for both overt protection and durable rugged coverage. lPate carrier holds up to. (hard armor plates not included). Protection equivalency frmo most small arms and fragmentation threats. Medium size allows for adjustable. Two overlapping ballistic front panels allow for additional. Sternum and central chest area. (neck and groining additions not included). Front panels allows for both.
Brand closure and three additional button claps for firm closure protection. Molle carrier uses state of the art pouch attachment ladder system. Which allows for modular attachment of both.
(alice system is compatible only in combination with molle-to-alice adaptors not included). Pointblank sizes are men's sizes, however one size fits most -medium.