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Kevlar Bullet Proof Stab Vest Body Armor Large

Kevlar Bullet Proof Stab Vest Body Armor Large

Codrura kevlar stab and bullet proof vest large made in usa. Kevlar armour, cordura outer vest. Nij level ii / hg1 ballistic protection. Nij level i / kr1 stab protection. They have been checked for any damage, and come with a uk home office certificate, nad a protection certificate on the panels.

Cordura vest, used, in excellent condition. Kevlar is 5 times stronger than steel on an equal weight basis and one of the only ways it will degrade is via direct uv exposure, however, during normal use, a cotton, polyester/cotton or other material carrier, i. A cordura fabric, protects the kevlar from uv exposure. As thees vests come from the uk police, you can presume they have been treated with excellent care. They are ideal for people within the security industry, door staff, private investigators, shooting ranges, public workers, or anyone who needs the ultimate protection, with the best price, service and quality of product. Cordura overt bullet proof vest. Designed to eb worn over your clothes. The outer cotton carrier utilizes the expensive cordura brand fabrics. Ounce for ounce, cordura fabric is more durable than any comparable fabrics. No matter the application, cordura fabric offers an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, making it a first choice for durable fabrics. Cordura fabric offers best-in-class durability over all other fabrics. These are noe of the best outers that can be put on a overt stab vest or bullet proof vest, and are included in the price! Light weight, around 3kg depending on size. The vest is designed to be worn as covert, which means underneath your clothing, due this reason it has no pockets etc and is meant for protection only, we also stock overt vests with pockets etc, please cehck around the site. Nij level ii / uk hg1. Resistant to uk home office and police specifications. Nij level i / kr1. Knives, edged weapons and pointed instruments, such as hand blades and needles. Exceeds approved testing at 25joules min. Products are aimed to be dispatched within 2 workings days. Please ensure all goods are packaged safely and any relevant forms are sent back.
If you choose to pay at a later time, maybe by alternative methods, please note you must pay within 2 days, else we will report you us 'unpaid item'. All major credit cards via telephone. Safeguard clothing is a company based in the north of england, who retails to the uk, europe and most of the world. We specialise in government issue clothing and equipment of only the highest quality, with most of our equipment being brand new, unissued equipment straight from the uk's various forces contractors. What does this mean for you?
It means you get the best quality clothing, the same standard as which is used by our armed forces and other departments, for a fraction of the cost. There's only one catch, tell all your friends! Customer services are taken extremely seriously here at safeguard clothing, and we aim to make your shopping experience with us the most enjoyable it can be.

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