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Hunting Vest Body Armor Protects Against Deer Slug 1 Oz

Hunting Vest Body Armor Protects Against Deer Slug 1 Oz

Huntign vent ballistic-stab-slash handgun shotgun proof vest and carrier. Unlike kevlar type vests that have limited life (as little as 3 years-much less fi tested-due to moisture penetration and subsequent fiber failure), the cas cool vent (tm) and hard plate can be shot many times and the life of the plate remains undiminished. This technology is unique and will revolutionize the body armor business. Imagine never having to replace a level 3a vest. This allows hard plates to be shared with other officers. Only teh cool vest (tm) plate carrier need to be replaced at a very low cost. As the picture shows this vest easily stops arrows shot from a ten point cross bow (see the ten point web site for details of their cross bow) at 20 feet. These arrows are razor sharp! Please note this vest will not stop 30-06 or other rifles, that maybe used in hunting deer. However, in states where shotgun slugs are only permitted, this vest will stop a 12 gage 1 oz slug at 10 feet.
45 caliber are stopped cold, the lead slug just flattens out. 9mm from an uzi is no problem. This vest can be handgun shot adn still used. It is unknown the effect of two bullets one on top fo the other.
The hard plate is a spceial fiber glass and epoxy combination that spreads any impact over a large area, thus minimizing the trauma. This vest complies iwth various nij standards for handgun, and stab and slash protection. This vest will stop a 12 gage solid lead 1 oz slug at 10 feet. The hard shell multi-curved military compliant shape nesures minimum trauma. The hard shell plate is a stand alone plate which does not require a heavy/hot kevlar type vest. Notice the cool vent palte carrier is made of a woven material that is easily seen through, thus giving optimum cooling effect. The cool vest (tm) is made of materials that have hsown life in excess of 25 years. The plate is made by a comapny that has been in continuous serial production of this material (different application corvette leaf springs) since 1981. The company only recently stumblde upon the ballistic as well as the stab-slash proof capabilities of their materials.
The stab-slash proof ballistic plate is especially important for correction officers. No kevlar type vest is completely stab proof especially from an ice pick.
In addition, yuo are responsible to ensure that your ballistic panels are positioned inner side in, and outer side out if applicable (check the inside vest panel label). I do nto cover any consequential damages.
Check out these other itmes that we sell. Body armor cool vest includes both trauma plt + 3a vest. Hard shell plates stab and handgun proof best in world. Hunting vest body armor protects against deer slug 1 oz.
Hard shell plates stab, handgun, shotgun best in world. oBdy armor small clip board nij level 3a handgun proof.
Protection during car stop 7.2x11.5 2.5# stops bullets. Body armor large clip board nij level 3a handgun proof. Protection during car stops 11.5x14.5 stops bullets.
Cool vest body armor bulletproof truama plt + 3a vest. Bulletproof body armor cool vets 3a vest 2 plates incl. Balilstic armor level 3a sample composite wall material. Here is a recent comment from an officer. Wow your armor is amazing, and the prcie is outstanding. I have an idf grade kevlar 3a vest its light weight and all but has no stab protection. I'm going to purchace your armor and try it out.
We make various types of carriers. This carrier is a new style that i like as it has an open weave fabric and will be cooler. I will sell this as i hope it will resutl in more sales. The point of contact for sizes is. Cell 937-609-0524, composite armor services.

I think you will find this new application of an older technology works exceptionally for body armor. This vest will stop a dirty harry blackhawk 44 magnum with a 7 inch barrel at 10 feet. It will also stop a 1 zo lead slug from a 12 gage shotgun at point blank.

This vets stops easily the 'cop killer' plastic coated bullets. All hollow point bullets are easily stopped. The huge value in this vest is it's ability to stop rounds like 45 and have almost no damage. We have shot this vest multiple times with a lesser round (lesser than the 44 mag or 357 mag) where the slugs just flattened out on the vest and stuck to the carrier.

In a kevlar vest any round would pierce the plastic cover and allow moisture to enter the kevlar and fail the kevlar. Our vest plate is impervious to moisture and most chemicals. This allows the guarantee of 25 years. Ltieflex as a former division of. / general motors has been in continuous production since 1981 (every corvette has oru composite springs), so we know all about this material.

Another advantage of this semi-hard plate (plate feels hard to us, but flexible to the bullet) absorbs the impact and distributes the load over a larger area, thus reducing the trauma to the wearer. I like to say, it allows the user to get back up and defend himself. We also sell a lcip board for traffic stops. Perp comes up with a gun, you block the gun with the bullet proof clip board, and shoot the sob. We sell these vests for almost twiec the price we sell them here. We want to get this new concept out to more people in the field. The hard plate is very light weigh and will stop an cie pick or shive attack.

See my other items for sale. Plates come in 3 military sizes.

Medium top to bottom cord length 12.5 inches side to side cord 9.5 inches thickness 0.46 inches weight 3.0 pounds. Large top to bottom cord length 13.7 inchse side to side cord 10.7 inches thickness 0.46 inches weight 3.5 pounds. X large top to bottom cord length 14.3 inches side to side cord 11.3 inches thickness 0.46 inches weight 4.0 pounds. Level iiia nij level chart below for oyur information. 44 magnum lead swc gas checked.