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Dea Armor Tactical Face Mask Bullet Proof Nij Level Ii

Dea Armor Tactical Face Mask Bullet Proof Nij Level II

One ballistic face mask only. Size large, fully armored, level ii face mask. These are new, currently manufactured, dupont kevlar 129 mask. Teh only difference from the other masks we have for sale, is that these are now upgraded to. Versus the previous level iia.
Only drawbacks, is that they're slightly heavier, and thinner hd foam padding is used. And we've made this larger, ot accomodate western male physiques. Another drawback that ew have, is that with these, you cannot wear glasses/goggles inside of the mask, due to the thinner padding. So you must either go without eye protection, or mount goggles on the outside of the mask. Measurements are 11.2 tall, and 7.2 wide. Just ask them the weight of their masks. Level iiia will need about 1/3 more fo the kevlar to reach the protection level.

These masks gained notoriety during the drug wars, of the 1980's. And were originally used by early dea entry teams during high risk serving of warrants. They slowly faded in use. But have made a resurrection, with quite a fwe of these being sent to use in iraq/afghanistan, mostly to contractors/sentries/convoy personnel. To anywhere in the free world!