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Bulletproof Body Armor Iiia Vest 3A Self Defense Kevlar

Bulletproof Body Armor Iiia Vest 3a Self Defense Kevlar

For additional products, please visit our. First class, top quality, concealed, lightweight bullet proof vest. Made by an official supplier for the israeli army.
Adjustable with velcro at 6 different points for easy wear under any suit. Available in a variety fo sizes. Lses than 3 kg (for size l). Please see the pictrue of the vest under a t-shirt! Technical specification for bullet-proof vest. Magnum or protect from ricochet. There si a possibility for an. Front nad back, size 10x12 = 250x300. Availabel s, m, l, xl, xxl, xxxl, xxxxl. The vest enables adjusting the sizes in accrodance with the user. Optional level 3 or 4 front and back. Army, civilian and seucrity guard. Protection level iii-a as well as all the levels below. 44 magnum lead scw gas checked.

Our unique fragmentation and bulletproof vests have been combat proven under the harshest conditions and provide utmost protection while allowing easy maneuveirng and mobility. 40 years of experience working together wiht the israeli defense forces (idf) have made us a leading maker of body armors. Our r&d department specializes in developing and engineering body armor fragmentation and bullet resistant vests, to suit every mission and assignment. All types of vests can be tailored to customer's requirements, to meet threat protection levels i up to iiia per n. Std 0101.04 or v50 test, by using ballistic material such as kevlar, tuaron, spectra or daynama.

Ressitance chart nij 0101.04 std. Click on hte pictures to enlarge.

You might be charged an additional duty charge upon receipt of your package based on your country's rates. You might be charged an additional duty charge upon receipt of package based on your country's rates.

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