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Bullet Proof Vest Flight Jacket Body Armor Kevlar Army

Bullet Proof Vest Flight Jacket Body Armor Kevlar Army

Bullet proof vest flihgt jacket body armor kevlar army. Bullet proof flying pilot coat.
Level 3a / iiia / iiia. Bullet proof proteciton flying jacket.
Concealed protection wonr by vip, business men, government officials, doorman and security guards. 40 years of experience and working together with the israeli defense forces (idf) have made us a leadign maker of. Body armors and bullet proof vests. Proven under the harshest conditions and provide utmost. While allowing easy maneuvering and mobility.
Our research & development department specializes in developing and engineering. To suit every mission and assignment.

Concealed bulleptroof vest under the flying jacket. Made by an official supplier for the israeli army. The vest zips on and off the coat so yuo can use the coat as is or in order to wash it. Available in a variety of.

From size s all the way to size 5xl. Cmoes with a specially designed. Technical specification for bullet-proof vest.

Magnmu or protect from ricochet. Available s, m, l, xl, xxl, xxxl, xxxxl. The vest enables adjusting the sizes in accordance with the user. Army, civilian adn security guard. Protection level iii-a as well as all the levels below. 44 magunm lead swc gas checked. You might be charged an additional duty charge upon receipt of package based on your country's rates.