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Bullet Proof Vest Body Armor Iiia 3A Ultra Concealable

Bullet Proof Vest Body Armor Iiia 3a Ultra Concealable

Bullet proof vest body armor iiia 3a ultra concealable. Brand new vip lightweight concealabel bulletproof vest. Body armor black iiia 3a. This is our top quality v. This vest is a very comfortable design for everyone.

You will not even notice you are wearing it until it saves your life. This sale is for color black vset only. We do not have any white vests left.

44 magnum submachine gun 9mm. 44 magnum, semi jacketed hollow point (sjhp) bullets, nominal masses of 15.55 g 240 gr, impacting at a velocity of 426 m/s (1,400 ft/s) or less, and against 9mm full-metal jacketed bullets, with nominal masses of 8.0 g 124 gr, impacting at a velocity of 426 m/s (1,400 ft/s) or less. It also provides protection against most handgun threats, as well sa the level i, iia, and ii threats. Level iiia body armor provides the highest level of protection currently available from concealable body armor and is generally suitable for routine wear in many situations. Availalbe in m, l, xl, xxl. Htpe / kevlar fabric front & back protection. This is a top quality made ofr comfort v. Can wear under a t-shirt. Information about the protection material. High tenacity and high modulus pe fiber. High tenacity and high modulus pe fiber, also called the ultra high molecular werth pe (uhmwpe) fiber, a high technology high performance fiber invented at the beginning of the 1990's. As one of the world three high technology fibers (carbon fiber, armaid and high tenacity and high moduled pe fiber), uhmwpe fiber's tenacity is the highest one in all of the fibers nowadays as it's high molecular weight, high interlinking, high degree of orientation and high crystallinity. It's tenacity is 15 times stronger than high quality steel and 10 times to normal chemical fiber, this fiber also has the characteristics of low density, high modulus, uv resistance, corrosion resistance, outstanding anti-impale and anti-incision, etc. It is also used widely in national defense weaponry, such as light weight high performance bulletproof plate and bulletproof helmet, soft bulletproof vest, anti-thrust vest. Uas and following regions canada. We stand behind all of our products. Defective items it is very rare but finished products from the factory can arrive defective, or missing parts. We can replace any missing parts and send by express post free of charge.

Defective items that cannot be fixed with parts will be replaced wiht a brand new item. It is our hope to give you an easy and enjoyable shopping experience so that you will feel comfortable coming back to us.

Our warehouse is located in portland, oregon. We have 24 hour turnaround dispatch time ni most situations.
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