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Brand New Bulletproof Vest Dyneema Body Armor Iiia 3A

Brand New Bulletproof Vest Dyneema Body Armor Iiia 3a

Brand new bulletproof vest dyneema. This bulletproof vest is to be worn (concealed) under normal clothign and provides protection on front, back & sides. (7.62mm tokarev pistol, 415 m/s 9mm parabellum or uzi sub-mg, fmj, 426 m/s) or. (by nij 0101.04 national institute of justice, usa). Fiber superstrong polyethylene fiber produced using a patented gel spinning process.
This remarkable fiber is up to 15 times stronger than steel and, weight-for-weight, is 40% stronger than competing aramid fibers. It has high energy absorption and low elongation. Dyneema floats on water, and is extremely resistant to abrasion, moisture, uv arys and chemicals.
The ballistic panesl are extremely durable and would stop a bullet discharged from any short-barrel weapon. Sizes & colours avaialble white & black / s xxl.
Super light weight, around 2 kg depends on size. Bulletproof itesm from my store! Photos of 7.62 mm bullets firde at vest from tokarev pistol at 60 feets. All bullets was disintegrated and its fragments are trapped in anti-ricochet layer.