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Brand New Bullet Proof Trench Coat Vest Body Armor Iiia

Brand New Bullet Proof Trench Coat Vest Body Armor Iiia

Brand new bullet proof trench coat vest body armor iiia. This listing is for a new with tags chausclothes bulletproof trench coat. Is a company based in izhevsk, russian federation city of armorers. It is well known for its fashion line of bulletproof clothing for visp everyday wearing. The company also produces self security clothing for hunting and other outodor activities. This stylish coat is made with a high-tech itlaian material, have modern design & high quality. It will eb necessary for cool summer weather. Perfect to businessmen for everyday wearing. You will no doubt be impressed by the quality and fit of this coat.
Its kevlar armor more light and flexible than ordinary body armors. It is capable of withstanding blasts from an zui or a.
With thiscoat a potential burglar acn take a shot at you with a. 44-caliber revolver, a 9-millimeter pistol or a submachine gun and still not pierce your lightweight (less than 1,5 kg), heat-resistant and quite fashionable coat. Benefits obtained when you wear one of our garments. Comfortable clothing made with light weight materials. Patented stairs adjustment system that allows bettre adhesion to the body, providing comfort and decreasing exposure risk. State-of-the-art system, designed in russian military research institute, to absorb impact dispersing hte energy and diminishing body trauma. Counseling to help you to identify the product that better suits your protection needs and lifestyle.

Clothes are tested at our own shootnig range guaranteeing the highest international standard of body armor potential. Our design team can manufacture ayn garment and adapt it to the needs of the customer. Direct manufacturing of our products. Only certified ballistic materials are used for teh manufacturing of our products. Garments protected by waterproof linings that avoid external moisture, as well as perspiration, to ensure prolonged garment.

All sizes are available s m l xl. See ym other bulletproof clothes. I will contact you for details.