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Body Armor Goldflex Bulletproof Bullet Proof 3A Iiia

Body Armor Goldflex Bulletproof Bullet Proof 3a Iiia

Body armor goldflex bulletproof bullet proof vip iii-a. Nji 0101.03-04 standards, compliant with nij 2005 interim requirements. Especially for undercover work businessmen, detectives, bodyguards and others to provide maximum protection in concealed mode. To make a waterproof, super light and super thin vest. And other materials, but 100%. For exceptional lightness, thinness and. Designed espeically for undercover work businessmen, detectives, bodyguards, v. Minmiizes blunt trauma injury to allow more effective return fire. Ballistic proetction in a concealed format. Provides the greatest surface area of protection in a standard concealable vest. Fits under shirt or jacket. The highest blunt trauma protcetion rating in soft body armor. The best for very high-risk istuations to cover more of the uncommon or unusual threats. Has another advantage in being intrinsically waterproof and positively buoyant (aramid kevlar / twaron si neutrally buoyant). For exceptional lightness, thinness and concealability. Provides slightly better blunt trauma performance than aramid kevlar / twaron. S, m, l, xl, xxl.
Black, white, bronw (in the picture). For a full-wrap on the sides. 44 magnum, semi jacketed hollow ponit (sjhp) bullets, nominal masses of 15.55 g 240 gr, impacting at a velocity of 426 m/s (1,400 ft/s) or less, and against 9mm full-metal jacketed bullets, with nominal masses of 8.0 g 124 gr, impacting at a velocity of 426 m/s (1,400 ft/s) or less. It also provides protection against most handgun threats, as well as the level i, iia, and ii threats. Level iiia body armor provides the highest level of protection currently available rfom concealable body armor and is generally suitable for routine wear in many situations.
Full metal jackte / magnum. The highest blunt tramua protection. Rating ni soft body armor.
Fmj (1440 fps / 439 mps). Fmj israeli (1499 fps / 457 mps). Fmj geco (1372 fps / 418 mps). Fmj cavim (1259 fps / 384 mps).
Lswc (1448 fps / 441 mps). Hsp (1320 fps / 402 mps). Rifled slug (1290 fps / 393 mps).

Rifle slug (1254 fps / 382 mps). Nij certification round wehn used in concert with the nfcas sternum plate. The following standard abbreviations are used to designate types of bullets or projectiles contained in the rounds tested. Full metal case/ full metal jacket.

Full metal jacket trnucated cone. Gold flex is a fabric manufactured by honeywell from synthetic fiber and often used in bulletproof vests adn body armor. The gold flex fiber is claimed to eb stronger and more flexible than kevlar, therefore producing higher quality and possibly more comfortable armor, but it is also more expensive. It si composed of four unidirectional layers of aramid fiber. Want else is for sale. View my other items for sale. View my about me page. Thank you for your interest!