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2 Ceramic Plates Lv 3 Sapi Body Armor Bulletproof Vest

2 Ceramic Plates LV 3 Sapi Body Armor Bulletproof Vest

For bullet proof vest body armor. nI conjunction with bulletproof vest level iii-a. For body armor vest, bullet proof vests. Don't eb sure, be secure! Choose your bodyguard by experience, professionalism, quality, r. First class, top quality bullet profo vest ceramic plates. The ceramic plates are made out of a special material that is both light and strong! The nij iii level of ceramic armro plate protects against following bullets. The plates reinforce a level iii-a evst making it level iii vest. The plates fit in the vest's especially designed pockets one in the front and one in the back.

(steel core) launched from ak-47 rifle. (semi-steel core) launched from m16 automatic rifle. (lead core) launched from m14 automatic rifle.

Against 7.62 mm full metal jacketed (fmj) bullets u. With nominal masses of 9.6 g. (148 gr) at a reference velocity of 847 m/s (2780 ft/s 30 ft/s) or less. Plate = ceramic alumina apx.

Attach to hte plate kevlar. The price shown here is for. National institute of justice n. Levels for hard shields only.

Ap armor piercing fmj full metal jacket jsp jacketed soft point lrhv long rifle high velocity. Rn round nose sjhp semi- jacketed ohllow point. Protective gear and systems ltd was established in 1997. The company main production is bullet proof vest and personal protective gear. The company exports military gear all over the world.
All company rpoducts produces with accordance to the i. The protective gear produces with accordance ot meet the n. One of the company departments is training anti terror units n and v. All our prices are competitive and first class quality. Normally it takes not exceed than 4-7 days to major city in the world.
We are welcome ot assist you as soon as possible. Gor rpotective gear and systems ltd.