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2 Ceramic Body Armor Ballistic Trauma Plates Level Iii

2 Ceramic Body Armor Ballistic Trauma Plates Level III

2 ceramic body armor ballistic trauma plates level iii. Garmin forerunner 305 gps exercise heart arte moni. Winter ocat jacket parka army mens women extreme h.

African wood drum doumbek darbuka djembe hand carv. 2 units of ceramic blallistic plates level 3 iii for bullet proof body armor vest. Brand new, first class, top quality body armour ceramic plates. This plate is certified to protect against rifle fire as stand alone full protection up to level three threast with no additional protection needed, and will defeat multiple spaced hits as per nij standards of. The nij iii level of ceramic armor plate protects against following bullets. (steel core) launched from ak-47 rifle. (semi-steel core) launched frmo m16 automatic rifle. (lead core) launched from m14 automatic rifle. Will fit any bulletproof vest that has front and/or back 10 by 12 inch sized pockets. Plate is brand new & factory sealed 10 by 12 inhc sized, made in israel certified contractors to the idf. Proven under the harshest conditions and provide utmost. While allowing easy maneuveirng and mobility. 40 years of experience working together with the israeli defense forces (idf) have made us a leading maker of. Oru r&d department specializes in developing and engineering. To suit every mission and assignment. You might be charged an additional duty charge upon receipt of package based on your country's rates.